How to backup your DreamHost account and download the backup easily

I normally do a DreamHost backup every month, along with other things that I backup, and then I download all of the files. It is part of my backup strategy, I backup when I do something important to backup, or the normal monthly backup, which is for me and I call it a value added thing for the people whose sites I host.

I don’t enjoy downloading all of the files one by one of course, I rather leave it downloading as I sleep. And I do not handle one single DreamHost account.

Create a KTouch lecture from a list of words

Since I didn't find any lecture that I liked for KTouch, at least not one that allowed me to simply practice typing with a large number of random words, I thought it would be useful to create one based in random words taken from one of the lists of words usually located in /usr/share/dict, although this very same procedure can be use with any list of words. It didn't take to long to do it, but nevertheless it was interesting.

I include at the end the lecture that results from this procedure, as well as a lecture based in the words from the book The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.