Making better use of the Caps Lock key in Linux

How frequently do we really use the Caps Lock key?, This is one of the best positioned keys in our keyboard, as it rests next to the A key, however, in this space we have this Caps Lock key that we seldom utilize. For those who type without looking at the keyboard it is an even more important space, as it is readily available with a minor movement of the left pinky. I am sure that there are people who do utilize it in a daily basis, but it is my understanding that this is a minority.

But this can be easily changed in Linux. And believe me, you wont regret this change once you grow accustomed to it. For a Vim user there is no question about what to do with this key, we can swap it for the Escape key, or turn it into a second Escape key, although I personally didn't want to lose the functionality so I just swapped it. Other possible uses are to turn it into another Backspace key, or into a Control key, we can even give it the functionality of a multimedia key.

Create a KTouch lecture from a list of words

Since I didn't find any lecture that I liked for KTouch, at least not one that allowed me to simply practice typing with a large number of random words, I thought it would be useful to create one based in random words taken from one of the lists of words usually located in /usr/share/dict, although this very same procedure can be use with any list of words. It didn't take to long to do it, but nevertheless it was interesting.

I include at the end the lecture that results from this procedure, as well as a lecture based in the words from the book The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.