Site updates: I'm still here! The future of this website
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To call the last couple of weeks "hectic" would be an understatement. The one year anniversary of the website came and went, and everything that I was preparing for the day was superseded by the need to eat, by getting sick, running my first 10km race (while still sick), a family project, a friend's project, and the project of a couple of friends. I have been here and there and what little time left I had was directed towards finishing the system of this website rather than invested in the unfinished content.

But I am not abandoning this website, in fact I have several guides that need to be polished and more thoroughly tested in order to publish them. And the personal side of this website is just about to get interesting thanks to a trip that I will be taking very shortly. I am hoping to get some content for the photography section of the website (this trip is the reason it was created). Of course, all of the material will be offered under a permissive creative commons license.