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I was working on a new post covering the issue of using rsync for backups, and its use in combination with cronjobs to automatize the backup process, but I realized that the first rsync post could be much more informative, so I reworked it.

The biggest addition are the instructions to use rsync as a daemon in the host computer, which is handy for when SSH is not available and we are copying files in a fast network, in Running rsync as a daemon when ssh is not available.

The section about synchronization was more about updating the contents of the destination folder with new information, I have properly renamed this section as Update the contents of a folder and the topic Synchronizing two folders with rsync adds up on top of updating, with instructions about how to delete from the destination folder files that has been deleted from the source folder.

The section Excluding files and directories now covers how to delete in the destination folder files that are excluded from being transferred.

Other than this, there are little details here and there that were either rephrased for greater clarity, or were removed.

As for the website itself, now every article have a link to it's counterpart in Spanish right next to the date, as the link in the right side only points to the index page of the website. Of course, typos here and were corrected as well