2010 - A year of uncertainty and radical changes
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We only learn who we truly are when facing extraordinary difficulties and circumstances, this website is my way of showing, not to the world, and not to others, but to myself that I was not going to give up and sink into depression, which would eventually lead to regrets, but that instead I was going to sit down and create something, against my own desire of lay down motionless after a hard day of work, at the end of which I just felt hopeless and sometimes lonely. This website is the result of a battle that my will-power won against my exhaustion and against my own doubts and insecurities. A battle that every one of us have to fight, and that, sadly, many lose every day and cave in to any of the countless distractions that modern life have to offer.

Every person have an unlimited potential for creation, but most people simply isn't aware of it. Every book that is created, every article, every guide and tutorial, every poem, are just the same words, or if we descend into a lower abstraction layer, the same vowels and consonants, rearranged into many different orders. Every literally piece that exist is this. But it takes someone to actually sit down and put them together, and this someone can be you.

We live in a difficult time, although arguable every time in the course of our history have been difficult in its own way, but in every period of time people have to face different, often new, problems. We live now in a globalized world, and we are affected not only by the problems of our local communities, but by the problems of communities from many different parts of the world. We share and communicate and compete with people whom some years ago were simple irrelevant to our lives. Many old teachings and institutions doesn't apply in the modern world. Change is not always easy, but with new challenges also come new opportunities.

The computer and the Internet have put in the hands of millions of persons the tools to create and disseminate that which is created. We no longer need the backup of a publishing house to have something that we write read by millions of persons in almost every corner of the world. We no longer need expensive equipment and access to a laboratory to take high-quality photographs and have them seen by others. We have the ability to create text, images, video and sound and to have it spread at great speed to the screens and speakers of millions of persons. The only thing that can stop us is our imagination, our fears, and the many distractions surrounding us right now.

With the widespread downturn of the economy, the lifestyle of millions of persons is radically changing. For many people around the globe, this year was the end of the life as they knew it, while many others are still watching their lifestyles crumbling. I know this, I experienced it first hand. Almost every person whom I know is going through something similar right now. But one should not be abated by this unstable times, it is a time for appreciate what we have, for there are many whom doesn't have it, it is time to stop seeing our lives pass and start creating the foundation for a new and better future.

When there is little available, one learns to recognize what are the true valuable things in life. How much time and resources are being wasted becomes evident. I live a frugal life now, and I am much happier, not worrying about things that I don't truly need, not trying to obtain things just because society considers them necessary, and I try to eliminate waste. All while trying to create things that are of value to others.

2010 was for me a year of many changes, I lived in four different places in four different cities, I meet some great persons along the way, this website was born, and I accomplished more than half of my goals for this year, even considering the dire of some situations I had to live in and the constant changes and challenges that arose along the way. But among the stories of success, there were some catastrophic failures and some things that I simply couldn't complete regardless of how hard I tried and how many sacrifices were made while attempting to complete them. I experienced my happiest and my saddest moments during this year, the longest and the shortest days of my life, my most difficult and..., wait, I don't think I had easy moments this year, but that was a good thing. 2010 is about to end as I write this lines, and I can't wait for the new year to start. How far will I go this year, only time will tell, but I will not rest, and I will continue to choose the difficult paths shall I be presented with a choice.

To those whom are already in a desperate situation, all the advice that I can give is to don't give up, to don't let depression take over, to think, to look for new ways of success. Once again, everybody have an unlimited potential to create things that are valuable to others but oftentimes don't realize it. The struggle against our own insecurity is a long and difficult one, but it can be win, with will power and desire to change things. And to those whom haven't get into a desperate situation, all I can say is, look at your expenses, were all of those expenses truly necessary?

And last but not least, to everyone who comes and visit this website, Happy New Year 2011!