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Contrary to popular opinion, I am not a robot (and I certainly can not use invisibility and teleportation, I am just sort of stealthy when I walk and usually people is very distracted). I am, as I am sure most people are, just a person who more often than not have no idea of what is going on with his life. I am also a very reserved person, I am not really into talking about (or writing about) my personal life, which is why this web site is ridden with technical how-to's, and chances are, that technical posts will continue being the predominant content of this website for the foreseeable future, although I have to admit that my foresight appears to be flawed since two years ago.

I originally wanted to get the website up because I thought “hey, I work in websites, I should have my own”, but I have to say that I enjoy this more than I thought I would, despite the fact that my flawed English frustrates me, and honestly, if I can reach sustainability with this, I will dedicate my entire time to the creation of content, there is just so much that I have to write about, and I haven't even touch any interesting topics yet, the topics that are sort of complex ones and need to be re-explored and re-tested and probably illustrated. I do recheck everything that I post, I do not just get a random subject from my files and copy-paste it here.

Evidently I had a little hiatus from the website the past month, but it wasn't a planed one or it wasn't that I lost the interest on it, I just had something personal to do that consumed plenty of my time and what I had left was spent working, for unfortunately I must eat and pay bills. And curiously I had my first appearance in Linux Today about one month ago, the day I consider the longest of my life, of course I missed it.

A picture of the author of jveweb.net, Juan Valencia Escalante
The author, in one of his very rare photographic appearances, a pair of days after one of this posts was featured in Linux Today. Yes, that is me. And she is my best friend. © Alessandro

Sometimes we give a lot of importance and stress out about things that, if we really think about it, are not a vital need and we most likely don't have to do them, in the words of Sheldon Copper, a fictional character that I, mmm, admire (and that I am compared to sometimes U_U), “We have to take in nourishment, expel waste, and inhale enough oxygen to keep our cells from dying. Everything else is optional.”. And it truly is, things have been difficult at times for me this year, but I am healthy, I have food, and I have a place to sleep on, and I even have a connection to Internet, so, despite the fact that plans don't always work as expected, and that people fail me at times (in some rare occasions making me fail too, something that I truly hate because I am not a person that gives up or rest trying to avoid this), I really can not complain, and I don't.

We can not win every time that we try something, not everything is mean to work, it doesn't matter how hard we try to make it work. But in the same way, not everything that we try is going to fail. The only real fail is to stop trying, to give up, and to think that we can't. We don't avoid trying because we may lose, we try because we may win.